CNN's Sally Kohn Links Indiana KKK from 1924 to Trump Winning

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday's Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, far-left CNN political commentator Sally Kohn oddly brought up the Indiana Ku Klux Klan from the 1920s as evidence of the state being "socially conservative" and "racially divisive," and therefore a place where GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is likely to win by a landslide.

Her analysis was so bizarre that even the left-leaning Ashleigh Banfield stepped in to "stick up for" Indiana residents who "would absolutely disavow that."

Kohn's comments came at 12:50 p.m. ET after Banfield wondered if the day's news cycle benefits Republicans with Ted Cruz's attacks on Trump getting attention, as the liberal commentator brought up the KKK out of nowhere:

You know, I think people really need to understand the history in Indiana. Indiana was once known for being the state that had the most powerful KKK in the country. In 1924, the KKK elected the governor of Indiana. Indiana is a deeply not only socially conservative but very racially divisive and divided state. And, look, it's not going to be a surprise to see a Donald Trump landslide there, and I think it's -- this is moving the country backwards-

Banfield jumped in to push back: "I think there are millions who would say that that was a long time ago as well."

Kohn, a Daily Beast columnist, doubled down as she responded: "Yeah, but 1924 ain't that long ago, Ashleigh, come on! And the point is-"

Banfield jumped in again to distance herself from the comments: "Many of those voters who are watching today, if you're in Indiana, I'm going to stick up for you. They would absolutely disavow that."

Kohn, who just recently claimed that Trump supporters are only voting for him because he is white, suggested that the GOP candidate stands for a similar agenda as the KKK:

I'm not saying the voters of Indiana are active KKK members, but I am saying I'd like to see that state and our country move away from that kind of hatred and divisiveness instead of voting for a candidate who stands for it again.

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