MSNBC's Williams Rants Ted Cruz 'Biggest Fraud,' Pouts 'He Wasn't Supposed to Be Elected'

December 31st, 2013 12:49 PM

Appearing as a panel member on the Monday, December 30, PoliticsNation on MSNBC to help assign the annual "Revvy" awards for the year 2013, MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams ranted that Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is "the biggest fraud to have ever walked in the United States Senate," and went on to bizarrely claim that Cruz "wasn't supposed to be elected," even though the Texas Republican not only won the Republican runoff with over 56 percent of the vote, but even the general election by about the same percentage, beating the Democrat by 16 points.

After Sharpton asked for his choice of "biggest loser of the year," Williams began:

The guy that's going to bail out Barack Obama is Ted Cruz. Thank goodness for Ted Cruz, the good gift that keeps on giving in the United States Senate. He's the biggest fraud to have ever walked in the United States Senate in it's two hundred and something year history. He should never have been elected.

Then, presumably referring to the first round of Republican primaries when Cruz Came in second to Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in a crowded field, but then won handily in the runoff when it was narrowed down to just two candidates, Williams whined:

He wasn't supposed to be elected. Texas didn't want him in the primary system until he did the runoff in the primary. He got there, he showed that he was a fraud, he led the Tea Party down the path over the cliff. And guess what. They didn't like what they saw. They smelled a rat. And guess what. Ted Cruz's popularity in the tank right now. He's not looked at as a leader in the country. And if he keeps this up in 2014, Barack Obama's going to look real good.

Sharpton quipped:

The next time you come on the "Revvies," please tell us how you really feel.

--Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Brad Wilmouth on Twitter.