Harvey Weinstein: Obama is 'True Hawk,' Giuliani Could be 'Crazy Villain' in Movie

November 5th, 2012 11:44 PM

Appearing as a guest on the Monday, November 5, Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, film maker Harvey Weinstein mocked Republicans John McCain and Rudy Giuliani as "brilliant actors" because they had appeared on Morgan's show recently and criticized President Obama, with the liberal film maker cracking that Giuliani could "play the crazy villain in any movie."

He went on to assert that the military "love" Obama and that the President has "killed more terrorists in his short watch than George Bush did in eight years. He's the true hawk."

After host Morgan asked Weinstein if he was concerned about the close poll numbers, Weinstein started arguing against Mitt Romney's economic plans and, after noting that he had a history of voting for Republicans like Giuliani and George Pataki, then launched into lambasting McCain and Giuliani:

I love politics, should make a movie about all these guys. They're brilliant actors. I could have McCain, you know, star in any' movie, have Rudy Giuliani play the crazy villain in any movie, and I voted for the guy. These guys are the best actors. I'm getting rid of Brad Pitt and Clooney tomorrow. I'm firing them. I know I can get McCain much cheaper, and I can get Giuliani much cheaper to play a James Bond villain.

But what are they talking about? Rudy Giuliani, he said that Obama should resign because he had 1.2 percent growth. There were years in New York when Rudy was the mayor, he couldn't balance the budget. We still voted for him. He didn't have to resign. They're just making this stuff up. Colin Powell, the best military genius of our time, supports President Obama. And the military love him. I made this movie. I know they, the military, they respect this man for what he's done. He's killed more terrorists in his short watch than George Bush did in eight years. He's the true hawk.