ABC's Tapper Calls Out Obama's Deceptive Attacks on Ryan Tax Plan

On Saturday's World News, ABC correspondent Jake Tapper explained President Barack Obama's deceptive strategy of trying to get voters to believe that Mitt Romney supports lowering his own tax rate to less than one percent by attacking a tax plan which his running rate, Paul Ryan, once proposed in Congress which is not part of Romney's own plan.

As he introduced a deceptive soundbite from President Obama, host David Muir raised the issue:

(Video can be found here.)

You heard the President today taking aim not only at Medicare, but Paul Ryan's tax plan. We wanted you to fact check what you heard from the President here late today.

Then came the clip of Obama:

His new running mate, Congressman Ryan, he put forward a plan that would let Governor Romney pay less than one percent in taxes each year.

Muir asked:

Less than one per cent? Is this fact or fiction here, Jake?

Tapper clarified the issue for ABC viewers:

Well, it's true, David, but with an important caveat. In 2010, Congressman Ryan did put forward a plan that would eliminate capital gains taxes, which would bring Governor Romney's tax rate to less than one percent. But Governor Romney does not support eliminating capital gains taxes for people who make more than $200,000 a year. So, yes, it's true the Ryan plan would do that, but Romney does not support that.

Muir followed up:

Which the President is going after Paul Ryan's plan instead.

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