Politico's Simon Sees Racist 'Dog Whistle' in Anti-Obama Welfare Ad

Appearing as a panel member on Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, Politico's Roger Simon claimed to see racism in a campaign ad against President Obama which criticizes the President for granting waivers to some states to loosen work requirements for welfare recipients.

After host Gordon Peterson recalled that fellow panel member Charles Krauthammer had called the ad "accurate," Simon launched into race-baiting:

(Video can be found here.)

Maybe I'm being overly critical here, but I hear a dog whistle in that ad. Even though, in fact, more white people are on welfare than black people, that's not the public perception of welfare.

The Politico correspondent added:

And this ad seems to me to be saying, "A black President now is saying minorities don't have to work for their welfare checks, they just get it in the mail for sitting around watching TV." That's not the truth, but I think that's the dog whistle in this ad.

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