Ex-SNL's Dana Carvey Jabs Romney: 'I Hate Poor People'; Obama Is Like a 'Zen Master'

July 14th, 2012 2:41 AM

Appearing as a guest on Friday's The Tonight Show on NBC, former Saturday Night Live cast member Dana Carvey demonstrated the tendency of comedians to have fun with President Obama in a fashion that builds him up while poking fun at Republicans in a way that tears them down.

When asked by host Jay Leno about the presidential election, Carvey remarked that Obama is "like a Zen master of speaking" before mocking Mitt Romney's speaking ability:

(Video can be found here.)



Well, it's going to be really interesting because Obama is like a Zen master of speaking, and Romney is like, he seems sincere, but he's a little jumpy, you know.

"I like to set people on fire. I mean, I like to fire people. [BRIEF PAUSE] That don't provide me services."


"I hate poor people, and I want to heal them." What? "I mean, I hate that they're poor and it will kill (?) them."

After adding, "Now, that's not a winning thing against Obama," Carvey made fun of Obama in a way that was not so denigrating. Imitating Obama's voice, he began:

Because Obama, Obama has a lot of confidence. That's the thing about Obama because Romney's [SPEAKS JIBBERISH TO IMITATE MITT ROMNEY BEFORE RETURNING TO BARACK OBAMA VOICE] And Obama knows how to pause. He knows how to let things settle down.