NBC Notes Bush Birthday and Work in Africa

Uniquely among the broadcast network evening newscasts, on Friday's NBC Nightly News, substitute host Kate Snow briefly noted that it was former President George W. Bush's 66th birthday, and that the former President was in Africa as part of an effort to fight against cancer on the Third World continent. Snow read the item:

Today is former President George W. Bush's 66th birthday, and, during a trip this week to Africa, at a home for children in need, he got a pretty special birthday gift. The kids serenaded him.

Earlier last week, it was noted by NewsBusters that the broadcast networks had avoided mentioning the former President's work in Africa.

After a clip of children singing to the former President, she continued:

The Bushes were in Africa promoting work to fight breast and cervical cancer. They're on their way home to Texas tonight.

Snow then followed up with a short item noting that it was also former First Lady Nancy Reagan's birthday:

This is also former First Lady Nancy Reagan's birthday, her 91st. Yesterday, she attended her first public event since a fall back in May when she broke several ribs. Mrs. Reagan helped inaugurate a new exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives at the Reagan Library. And, as you can see, Mickey and Minnie Mouse showed up for the occasion. we're told they did their own rendition of Happy Birthday.

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