Piers Morgan Still Comparing Auto Liability Insurance to ObamaCare Mandate

On the night after seeming oblivious when Michele Bachmann explained the difference in principle between pushing all Americans to purchase health insurance versus pushing only the portion of Americans who make the choice to drive to buy car insurance, CNN host Piers Morgan again brought up the comparison on Tuesday's Piers Morgan Tonight as he hosted liberal actor Billy Baldwin as a guest.

As Morgan mentioned that he had raised the subject previously with Bachmann, he failed to give any acknowledgement that the Minnesota Republican had articulated an argument as to the difference between the two as he again pushed the notion that there is little distinction in a goverment mandate regarding one type of insurance and the other.

On Tuesday's show, Morgan posed:

What do you make of the health care debate that's been raging? I had Michele Bachmann on last night, and I put it to her that, in terms of ideology of the argument here, what is the difference really for most Americans between being made to have car insurance and being made to have health insurance?

On Monday's show, the CNN host did not seem to be paying attention when he followed up his question on insurance by asking Rep. Bachmann a question she had already answered:

PIERS MORGAN: Do you have car insurance?


MORGAN: Who told you to?

BACHMANN: I have car insurance because I have an investment in my car and I want to make sure that I can hold onto that investment. But car insurance is a very different thing from health insurance because no one is forced to buy a car if they don't want to, but here, in the case of ObamaCare, every American is forced to buy a health insurance policy just because they breathe.

MORGAN: Yeah, but hang on a minute. Let me jump in. You just hit the nail on the head. You talked about buying health insurance. You have to buy car insurance. If you want to drive a car in America, you have to buy insurance or you will be driving illegally, you will be fined, and if you keep defying it, you'll be put in jail.

What is the difference ideologically to a Republican like you that is so opposed to this, what is the difference between Americans being forced by law to have insurance to drive a car and being forced by law to have insurance for their health?

BACHMANN: Well, I said it in the beginning of my remarks. No one is forced to buy a car. You don't have to buy a car. But if you buy a car, you need to be responsible and buy health [MEANT "CAR"] insurance.

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