CBS's Whitaker Forwards New Mexican President Blaming U.S. for Guns in Mexico

On Monday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Bill Whitaker seemed to allude to a debunked statistic that most guns that go to Mexican drug cartels originate in the United States as he repeated accusations by the newly elected Mexican president's party that the U.S. is the "exporter of guns fueling the violence" in the drug wars. Whitaker:

There also will be no mincing of words when he meets with U.S. officials. Pena Nieto's party says the U.S. is the consumer of the drug trafficked through Mexico, the exporter of guns fueling the violence here. Pena Nieto is likely to be tougher, pushing American leaders to do more north of the border to curb the use of drugs and the smuggling of guns.

But, as previously documented by NewsBusters, Fox News in April 2009 reported that almost 90 percent of weapons used by the cartels come from countries other than the U.S., such as China and Russia.

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