Matthews Panel Only Sees 'Big, Gutsy' Decisions from Liberal POV

July 1st, 2012 11:36 AM

As the weekend's syndicated Chris Matthews Show concluded, the entire panel chose political figures echoing sentiments either from the left or at least in criticism of conservatives to answer host Matthews's "Big Question" of who has "made a big, gutsy decision so far this year."

Below is a complete transcript of the "Big Question" segment from the July 1 weekend's syndicated Chris Matthews Show:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: And that brings us to this week's "Big Question." Name an American politician you think has made a big, gutsy decision so far this year. Pete Williams?

PETE WILLIAMS, NBC NEWS: Nothing of that magnitude comes to mind, but I do think that the Obama administration's decision to fast track the health care case, bypass the big court of appeals and move it to the Supreme Court is very bold.

MATTHEWS: Fast and furious. Go ahead.

KATTY KAY, BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA: Okay, when you asked this question yesterday, I was surprised at how long it took me to come up with - it's depressing how long it took me to come up with somebody who's made a very gutsy move. I'm tempted to say Jeb Bush, but actually I'm going to go with Olympia Snowe and her decision when she resigned to call it as it is and say you cannot function in this partisan atmosphere.

MATTHEWS: And Jeb Bush had said recently that this party's moved to far right for him.

KAY: Actually similar turns from both of them.

JOAN BISKUPIC: Well, I was going to say either Jeb or Olympia Snowe, but instead, I'll fall back on a member of the Court, Justice John Paul Stephens, who, at age 92, is still out there making big speeches against Citizens United and yesterday was in the courtroom when he saw the liberal majority prevail.

JOHN HEILEMANN, NEW YORK MAGAZINE: You know, I live in New York City, right, and the mayor, Mayor Bloomberg, has just banned the sale of huge cups of sugary-

MATTHEWS: Greater than 16 ounces.

HEILEMANN: Greater than 16 ounces of sugary soft drinks. And the boldness there. You don't know what kind of bravery it takes to stand between a really fat person and their Big Gulp.