Fineman Sees 'Superhero's Challenge' for Obama

Appearing as a panel member on this weekend's syndicated Chris Matthews Show, MSNBC's Howard Fineman - also of the Huffington Post - described President Obama as having a "superhero's challenge" in Washington in having to deal with "a different planet than the one he originally was on."

A bit earlier, Fineman had recounted that President Obama was "confused" when he came to Washington and found that conservatives were not willing to work with him. Fineman:

The problem that he had once he got there was that other people, specifically conservative Republicans, didn't hear the music. They did not hear the Obama music. ... Barack obama, I think, was confused by that. How come these people don't see how destined I am. ... They're from a different planet than the one that he's on, and he hasn't figured that out because he never had to deal with conservatives.

He later added: "He's got a superhero's challenge here because he's on a, I keep saying, a different planet than the one he originally was on."

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