ABC Recounts Accusations of Pope Covering Up Evidence in Missing Child Case

On Monday's Good Morning America, as ABC's Jeffrey Kofman recounted the news that Pope Benedict XVI's butler has been arrested, implicated in leaking Vatican documents to the media, the ABC correspondent asserted that the Pope's "seven-year papacy has been consumed by very public scandals," and then recounted a group of demonstrators who recently accused the Pope of "covering up evidence" in the case of a 15-year-old girl who went missing in 1983. Kofman:

Conspiracy and intrigue are nothing new to the Vatican. But Benedict's seven-year papacy has been consumed by very public scandals. On Sunday, the Pope faced demonstrators accusing him of covering up evidence in the mysterious 1983 disappearance of the young daughter of a Vatican employee, thought to be buried in the tomb of a mafia don.

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