ABC's Amanpour: Conservative 'Gang' Were 'Frog-Marching' U.S. to War with Iraq

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, ABC's Christiane Amanpour characterized conservatives as several years ago "frog-marching" the U.S. to war with Iraq as she and host Colbert discussed the likelihood Israel will soon attack Iran to prevent the Islamic state from producing nuclear weapons. (Video below)


After Colbert queried, "There's no choice, right?" Amampour played along with his shtick as an exaggerated right-wing commentator as she asserted that "your gang" pushed the country into war with Iraq. Amanpour:

Well, that's what they're saying if the sanctions don't work. And what they've got is a, you know, it sort of reminds me of when, I mean, you and your gang several years ago were really frog-marching the country towards war with Iraq.

Her choice of words also seems to suggest that she believes the Israelis are pushing for war with Iran prematurely, since the current situation "reminds" her of being "frog-marched" into Iraq.

After Colbert wondered what she meant by "frog-marching," she elaborated by putting her hands behind her back as if she were a prisoner being led away, as she explained, "It's like, you know."

Below is video of the relevant exchange from the Thursday, February 2, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central:

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