Planned Parenthood's Intolerance

September 13th, 2016 2:17 PM

Planned Parenthood loves censorship almost as much as it does abortion. For example, it is strongly opposed to parental notification—parents should have no voice in their children's abortion decisions—and it has long sought to shut down crisis pregnancy centers, the only realistic alternative to abortion in many locales. Now it is at war in California, Alaska, and Indiana trying to censor opposition to its lethal agenda.

In California, Planned Parenthood is trying to increase the penalties for those who distribute secret recordings of health care providers. It is still reeling from videotapes taken by the Center for Medical Progress: the footage implicated some employees of the abortion mill in the selling of body parts. A bill awaits Governor Jerry Brown's signature that would increase the sanctions for such recordings, but its reach is so broad that it has sparked a backlash from the media and the ACLU. Predictably, Planned Parenthood has shown no interest in addressing the free speech issues involved.

It is also waging war in Alaska trying to stop parents from removing their children from what they deem are irresponsible sex education programs. Planned Parenthood knows that if parents exercise their rights and sign opt-out releases, it threatens its raison d'etre: Why should the taxpayers fork up a half-billion dollars a year for services the public doesn't want?

In Indiana, Planned Parenthood has sued the state for its informed consent law. It doesn't want pregnant women to see the baby they are carrying, preferring to keep them in a state of ignorance. To be blunt, it is scared to death of technology: ultrasound, and other scientific advancements, allow women to make informed decisions, and that is not something Planned Parenthood can stomach.

The bad news is that we are still paying for Planned Parenthood. The good news is that it is being forced to play defense—our side is just as relentless. Truth will prevail.