Pregnant Woman Killed for Refusing Abortion: Not News

May 30th, 2016 7:26 AM

The media have put a gag order on themselves. If an abortion doctor is killed, it is headline news, but because a pregnant woman was murdered for refusing to have an abortion, the media are ignoring this story.
A candlelight vigil was held on May 14 at Jones Park in North Asheville, North Carolina, for Candace Pickens. The pregnant woman, 22, was found dead in a nearby elementary school playground earlier that day; she was shot in the head, as was her son who had just turned three. The accused, Nathaniel Dixon, is being tried for her murder and for the shooting of her son. Significantly, he was also arrested for the first-degree murder of her unborn child.
"She had recently found out she was pregnant and was murdered because she refused an abortion," her friends said.
Where is the media coverage—the story is several days old? Where is the outrage? Where are the champions of women's rights? Where is the logic in allowing doctors to kill unborn children while prosecuting non-doctors for killing unborn children? The abortion-rights industry is unraveling, and the moral grounds upon which it stands is fast turning into quicksand.