VIDEO: Journalists Think the Term ‘Illegal’ Is More Upsetting than Violent Murder

March 11th, 2024 12:56 PM

What’s the most upsetting thing about the sentence, “An illegal alien violently murdered a 22-year old nursing student?” If you work in the corporate news media, the answer is the word “illegal.”

During his 2024 State of the Union address on Thursday, President Biden stoked the ire of left-wing journalists and talking heads alike when he (accurately) referred to Laken Riley’s alleged murderer as “an illegal [alien].” The news media rushed to the violent felon’s defense, bravely reminding the President that “no human being is illegal.” Watch the media response below:



During the March 9 edition of CNN’s The Chris Wallace Show, New York Times podcast host Lulu Garcia-Navarro scoffed that Biden had “used the word illegals to describe people,” adding: “we normally don’t use that word because people are not illegal.”

While filling in as a host for Ayman Mohyeldin’s MSNBC show, nepotism beneficiary Paola Ramos — the daughter of open borders advocate and Univision reporter Jorge Ramos — declared sternly: “To be clear, no human being is illegal.”

She then assailed viewers with the sort of diatribe one might expect from a blue-haired millennial humanities professor:

You may be wondering, “Why does this matter,” right? “It’s just a word. Who cares?” Well, language matters. The words we use to describe each other matters [sic]. And unlike Trump, Biden understands that words can shape our reality, and that words can have real-world and dangerous consequences.

Just to reiterate, Ramos was referring to Biden’s legally accurate description of a man who is accused of bashing in the skull of a 22-year old girl. One shudders to imagine the kind of mean words that produced such a dangerous consequence.

After less than two days of being chastised by Democrats, the corporate press, and advocates for the murder of nursing students, Biden eventually apologized for his innocuous language during an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart.

Capehart later remarked to Mohyeldin on March 9: “He understands, or understood, the damage that he caused, and he was very eager to make amends.”

What an embarrassing time to be a journalist.