MSNBC Gleefully Shows off ‘Trump Baby Blimp’ Ahead of London Visit

An unapologetically liberal hour of MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber closed on Monday with an interview featuring Asad Rehman, one of the organizers of the London protests that are planned to take place during President Trump’s visit to the U.K. Melber repeatedly teed up Rehman to launch into a series of buzzword-laden rants about the President’s “normalization of sexual violence,” “his war on migrants,” and “his planet-wrecking policies,” before shining an adoring spotlight on the Trump “baby blimp” that will be displayed in London during the protests. 

Rehman climed that the protests were motivated in part by the “special relationship” between the United States and the U.K. “But our special relationship is with the people of America,” he explained. "And it’s particularly with the people of America who are on the streets day after day, protesting against Donald Trump’s normalization of sexual violence, his normalization of Islamophobia..."

In other words, a very specific contingent of the people of America – namely, Democrats, leftists, and progressives.



Among the activist’s other gripes about President Trump were “his war on migrants, the Muslim ban, [and] his planet wrecking policies.

Melber was sure to make time to discuss a topic with which he had started the segment: the so-called Trump baby blimp. “The President, very sensitive about the idea that he’s a baby – where does that fit into these protests?” Melber prompted. 

Well, we know that the President is notoriously thin-skinned and a narcissist,” Rehman explained gleefully, concluding, “I’m sure it will get under his skin.” 

Melber, now barely suppressing a smile, added sagely, “Babies, also known for their thin skin.

That’s a hot take there, Ari. 

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