Brzezinski Drools Over Former CIA Director Brennan's Attacks on Trump

On Wednesday, Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski was repeatedly struck speechless with adoration during an interview with former CIA Director John Brennan. 

Brennan had scored points with Brzezinski and her compatriots in the past with his verbose tweets attacking the President, some of which Brzezinski had displayed on screen for viewers to appreciate during the interview. Upon encountering Brennan in person, her fondness turned to reverence as he consistently told her everything she wanted to hear. Naturally, President Trump was the primary topic the conversation, and Brennan spent the majority of the interview making vague but dire assertions about the existential threat the Trump Presidency posed to the U.S. 

These monologues had a tendency of causing Brzezinski to lose control and interrupt her fellow panelists with panicked reactions. At one point, Brennan ominously cautioned, “If he decides to remove Bob Mueller, I do think then we’re going to be at that crisis point.” MSNBC Analyst Willie Geist began to press his guest for details when Brzezinski interjected with a delayed “Wow,” in response to Brennan’s comments before exhaling loudly into her microphone. 

Geist was interrupted in similar fashion a few minutes later. Following a stern summation by Brennan of Trump’s failure to adopt a firmly adversarial Russia policy, Geist asked, “What do you chalk it up to? Why won’t the President—”

“Wow,” Brzezinski interjected in a rapt whisper, “thank you for saying that.” 



So titillated was Brzezinski by the interview that she struggled to move past it even after it had concluded. In a subsequent segment featuring Democratic Senator Chris Coons, she referred to the conversation as a “pretty stunning interview,” and her first question for the Senator was to ask him for his reaction to the discussion with Brennan. This excitement carried over into the show’s third hour, culminating in the following impassioned speech: 

It’s amazing, and if you want to really consider, those who are saying nothing, what is at stake, please play for yourself the interview with former CIA Director John Brennan on Morning Joe today. We’ll have it online. Play that for yourself. Listen to his words. He's worked for five Presidents on both sides of the aisle, and he is extremely disturbed and frightened about the future of this nation exactly because of this President. Because of his corruption, because of his lack character, because his lack of moral compass, and because of how mean he is. And he — he used these words. That we have someone in the White House who is going rogue on America. 

It’s worth noting that during the interview, Brennan neither used the words “going rogue on America,” nor voiced any particular gripe about “how mean” the President was. Rather, it would appear that Brzezinski was projecting many of her own complaints about Trump onto Mr. Brennan. Such behavior would certainly explain her undeniable adoration of the former CIA Director; she saw in him a kindred spirit, as a result of a shared animosity for President Trump. Truly touching. 

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