Tom Brokaw Compares Nunes Memo To Watergate

January 30th, 2018 2:33 PM

On Tuesday, Tom Brokaw appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to participate in the media-wide offensive against Congressman Devin Nunes’s classified memo. Mr. Brokaw declared that he had been loath to compare “what’s going on here" to the Watergate scandal, before proceeding to do exactly that.

“Now there’s beginning to be a whiff of the tactics, at least in this White House, that we saw during the days of Watergate,” Brokaw opined.



He then alleged that anyone who would grant Republican allegations against the FBI as much credence as they would  Democrat allegations against the President must be living in an alternate universe.

“It’s clear to me that the White House is trying to create an alternative reality, is how I would describe it – ‘Take a look at this, and you’re gonna have to give as much credence to this as to what Mr. Mueller is able to find out.’”

Mr. Brokaw went on to bemoan that the media would be unable to access and report on the memo before it was available to the general public: “...this is not, in my judgment, a good sign that they want to release an FBI report and they want the public to take a look at it without any context whatsoever. And what does that mean for future investigations?”

Brokaw’s position amounts to nothing more than confirmation bias, as the allegations against the FBI which he dismissed offhand have yet to even be released. An unbiased media would refrain from criticizing the Nunes memo at least until they knew what it alleged. Instead, MSNBC contributors spent the morning attempting to discredit any and all accusations that the memo might level against Justice Department officials without ever having heard them.