YouTube Gives Gore an Earthday Megaphone

April 5th, 2010 2:13 PM

YouTube is assisting Al "Eco-Prophet" Gore throw a Hail Mary pass to the growing segment of Americans who are "deniers" of the earth's "climate crisis."

This time, Gore and his organization, the Alliance for Climate Protection, has issued a call-to-arms for young hipsters to make a video about climate change for a YouTube Video Volunteer contest.

"[A]s we celebrate our 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, we need action on all fronts," Gore said on the weekend YouTube sermon. "We need to build on our individual and family commitments and use this historic moment facing our nation to make a difference in changing our laws and creating a better world for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren."

Gore's message was the same - humans cannot wait another minute preventing the doomsday catastrophe of global warming, and thus America's youth must demand a drastic and immediate overhaul of the entire U.S. economy. 

"This Earth Day, we need more than just another celebration - we need a revolution - a clean energy revolution," the former vice president continued. "One that tells our leaders we can't afford to wait any longer to pass meaningful climate and energy legislation. Now I'm asking you to join me in launching this clean energy revolution by participating in YouTube Video Volunteers; create your own video to raise awareness for an organization like Repower America that's working to stop climate change and push our leaders to act now on this critical issue."  

On the April 22nd Earth Day, the top three YouTube videos will be featured front and center - on YouTube's homepage.   

"Let your leaders know why you care," Gore exhorted. 

This should not come as surprise to anyone familiar with the YouTube's parent company Google. Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a liberal - he campaigned heavily for Barack Obama's presidential campaign (even serving as an informal advisor for Obama), and has been a long-time ally and partner of Gore's.  

Google may feel that by playing its part in Gore's efforts it is being a responsible "corporate citizen." However, as the Culture and Media Institute found when it reported on YouTube's inappropriate comment, Google's sense of responsibility is selective.