Mark Levin: Obama 'Biggest Disaster in Modern American History'

February 28th, 2010 5:18 PM

At last there appears to be a president worse than Jimmy Carter - at least according to conservative talk show host Mark Levin. 

That was the question host Don Imus asked Levin on the Fox Business Network's "Imus in the Morning."  "So the President Obama, worse than Jimmy Carter?"

"Worse than Jimmy Carter? I mean they're not mutually exclusive, they're both disasters," Levin replied, citing many of the parallels of the two administrations. 

But on the home front, Levin said Obama was beyond comparison: "I think on domestic policy, nobody comes close to Barack Obama. I think he's the biggest disaster in modern American history."

That led the duo to discuss the $787 billion stimulus bill, that turned 1-year-old Feb. 17. "Regarding the stimulus package, the president says that that kept us from sliding into Depression," Imus noted.

Levin claimed concerns about a Depression were false, and that Obama was harming America's economy with government intrusion - choking out the private sector. "You know, this is what you do when you're desperate, and you're a radical propagandist," Mark Levin said.

"This is a very vicious recession and we would have been out of by now if he wasn't smothering the private sector, threatening to tax them, nationalizing major industries, government doesn't spread wealth, it destroys wealth and it spreads misery. Now we've had trillions of dollars spent in the last 13-14 months...trillions...following this failed ideology.  We still have almost 10 percent unemployment, still foreclosures, soon the fed is going to back off  pumping money into the housing market, interest rates are going to go up..." Levin continued, not buying the merits of the stimulus.  

Then came the harshest remarks from the politically incorrect commentator about the perceived socialist ideology of the president:

"This philosophy that Obama embraces has failed whenever it's tried, wherever it's tried. And you notice they always try to say the same thing - ‘we haven't gone far enough,' ‘we need more money,' ‘we need more government,' and then they pick enemies - this industry, that industry - it's because they're failures. And this is how they continue to push their propaganda.  We weren't sliding into a great Depression, so now he's rewriting history."   

Imus then switched topics, asking his guest about his thoughts on national security and the events surrounding the Guantanamo Bay and terror trials. 

Levin said he simply doesn't know what is going to happen as a result of Obama's "illogical" stance on terror:

"There is utter chaos in this administration on how to treat terrorists who are captured on the battlefield and there shouldn't be utter chaos.  We should know exactly what we're doing and our enemies should fear us exactly what we're going to do to them - and they used to."

One thing Levin was sure about was  that America's credibility has been shot and consequences inevitable:

"Now they laugh at us.  They'll laugh in our faces and behind our backs," he continued. "And this doesn't just resonate with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, it resonates with the Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese have no respect for Obama at all. The Russians could care less about what he has to say, and what happens under those circumstances - they create enormous danger - because our enemies are going to press and push and test us. And I'm not sure this president is up to it."