Kid Rock: I Have ‘Nightmares’ Everyone Will Be Driving Priuses, With Condos, and Health Insurance

“I have nightmares sometimes you know. I’m gonna wake up and everyone’s gonna be driving Priuses…living in a condo…we’re all getting health insurance,” musician Kid Rock lamented during an interview with Fox News.

Kid Rock has been a constant presence overseas, offering his talent and support to lift U.S. troops in war.  Always loath to discuss or pontificate upon politics publicly, the rock star sat down with Megyn Kelly Wednesday for a short segment on “America Live.”

Citing the recent CBS/New York Times Poll which shows that Americans want a smaller government with fewer services by a wide margin over big government, Kelly asked her guest: “When you’re out there, you’re talking to people, what are they saying to you? What is your reaction to all this government spending?”

“Counting these politicians, it just seems like we’ve been eating out of the public trough for year after year,” Kid rock told Kelly.  “It seems like that’s something your supposed to do to help your country, something that’s good — not to make a career out of it, you know — just sit there and get reelected.”

On the subject near and dear to his heart — his home state of Michigan and the unending deterioration of Detroit — Kid Rock said it was extremely tough to go back and see the changes.

Kid Rock clearly feared that Detroit has become a microcosm, threatening the values and culture of the American dream: “Such ingenuity you know, cool stuff, ’57 Chevys, it came in 17 colors, every one of them red, white, and blue.  Now it’s like, they’re just trying to…it just reminds me of Europe. Everyone’s gonna be driving a smart car and living in a condo.  And that’s not the American Dream, and you see that kinda starting to die.  At least it’s left for a little while from Detroit with everything that’s been going on.”

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