CNN's Cuomo: Questioning Climate Hysteria a 'Pet for the Right Fringe' of GOP

August 8th, 2017 1:16 PM

CNN New Day co-host Chris Cuomo always does his best to push climate change propaganda. On Tuesday morning, he had the following to say:

The president has called climate change everything from a hoax invented by the Chinese, to not really understood, and maybe there's something to it. He's vacillated at best. It's become a little bit of a pet for the right fringe of his party playing with the realities of science. You now have government scientists in a report approved by some 13 agencies that suggest what most in the scientific community say is obvious at this point, climate change is real. The temperature change in a positive direction is real, that it is more than a statistical anomaly, and that human behavior is central to this incident. They leaked this report through the New York Times because they were afraid the administration would suppress it.



First, the science is far from settled. In fact, there is science to suggest that it is solar activity that is the main driver of this "climate change." Not to mention, these agencies are often found to be manipulating their data

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Then we come to this whole "13 agencies" line as if these agencies are not infected with politics. But, the discussion went on as Cuomo and CNN National Security Analyst Michael Hayden expressed approval of the government leaks to the New York Times.

HAYDEN: What bureaucracies do when they feel as if their views cannot get a fair hearing, is you create pressure, and this kind of information comes out one way or another, and now you've got the New York Times with the entire report out there. I think largely because, as you suggest, these folks felt they would not get a fair hearing. Not that it had to be accepted, Chris, but that it would not get a fair hearing within the government. 

CUOMO: Thirteen government agencies, it will be interesting to hear the White House -- I've never heard of the White House debunking something that made its way through that many agencies especially with that process. General Hayden, thank you so much, as always. Appreciate the perspective.  

He failed to mention that these agencies benefit from climate change hysteria and are politicized. Most studies on the climate are essentially required to conclude that climate change is man-made or they will lose their funding.

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This propaganda is nothing new, CNN, Cuomo, and the rest of the media give these performances on a regular basis.