ABC Defies Clintonista Intimidation, Airs Part One of Miniseries

ABC's entertainment division refused to knuckle under to intense pressure from supporters of former President Bill Clinton, including the Democratic National Committee and, and aired the first part of their miniseries, "The Path to 9/11", with some additional edits:
ABC's editing of the five-hour movie, airing on two successive nights starting Sunday, was evident from the very beginning. Twice, the network de-emphasized the role of the 9/11 commission's final report as source material for the film. The version that aired Sunday also changed a scene that, in a copy of the movie given to television critics a few weeks ago, indicated President Clinton's preoccupation with his potential impeachment may have affected an effort to go after Osama bin Laden. In the original scene, an actor portraying White House terrorism czar Richard Clarke shares a limousine ride with FBI agent John O'Neill and tells him: "The Republicans are going all-out for impeachment. I just don't see in that climate the president's going to take chances" and give the order to kill bin Laden.

I found the show riveting and chilling.

I suspect that Clinton's legacy is of less concern to the Left than the fact that "The Path to 9/11" makes it painfully obvious that the Left's thinking has not evolved since that day. Obstruction of legal and necessary covert government programs like surveillance of overseas calls to known terrorists and associates, and the secret tracking of terrorist finances are clear indications that liberals still really don't accept the concept that we are at war. They think we're dealing with common criminals.

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