Greg Gutfeld Mocks CNN, MSNBC for 1,100 Uses of 'Racist' in Two Days on Trump

July 16th, 2019 11:05 PM

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Five, Fox News pundit Greg Gutfeld mocking the collective mass hysteria of CNN and MSNBC over President Trump’s latest tweets against radical first-term Congresswomen.

Gutfeld summarized the hysterics to a T with a simple word count: “We are reaching peak racism right now. CNN and MSNBC, according to The Hill this morning, had said the word racist 1,100 times. That was this morning since Sunday. Ok, so today's Tuesday… I think when it's 1,100 times by Tuesday afternoon, I'd call that maybe an overreaction. It's hysterical and it's hysteria.” Tom Elliott of Grabien did a count and posted it on Twitter before 11 am on Tuesday. Dana Perino joked "So now it must be like 28,000." Gutfeld continued:


GREG GUTFELD: Okay, I'm going to go with an obvious truth that we've talked about before. Trump goes after everyone, okay? Nobody gets an exemption, right? He's not like CNN or fellow politicians who factor in race, gender, or sexual orientation before they criticize you. That's why we always joke why The Squad is a protected class. Nobody — everybody — oh we better not say anything. So they give special dispensation to protected classes where Trump doesn't.

So who is more racist? The guy who doesn't care who you sleep with, what color you are, or the patronizing media? I would go with the media is more racist than Trump because after all, they are the ones — they are who are so in love with this because they have nothing left. Remember CNN doesn't report honestly. Their lower thirds. They say, you know, Trump's racist attacks.

We at Fox News, we label our commentary and we label our news. You know which is which. They masquerade commentary as news. It's why they are dying. When you turn on that network and you go what are they talking about? That's an opinion. That's not a fact. That’s an opinion. That's funny.

To prove just how clueless the leftist media mob is as to what stories the public cares about, Gutfeld highlighted a story that unjustly received little to no coverage.

GUTFELD: So, as Trump unleashed tweets that triggered the media into meltdown, an Antifa disciple, armed with a rifle and homemade bombs attacked an immigration center. He died. The press was busy obsessing over The Squadettes, so it garnered minimal coverage. It’s easy to see why. The man used the same concentration camp rhetoric we heard from The Squad leader. He identified as part of Antifa, the group praised by CNN. So it's hard for them to condemn something when the terrorist is merely parroting stuff you say.

When you spend your time comparing immigration agents, many of whom are minorities, to Nazis, how can you trash a fan of your work? It’s why they embraced Smollett. How can you expose a hoax when you’ve been selling that same hoax for years? But we shouldn't do what the media likes to do to you. When a racist commits an act of violence, they will expand their invective to include anyone tangentially related, meeting if a violent racist likes fries and you like fries, you're a racist and probably an overweight one.

So we should point out this dead guy doesn't reflect all Democrats. He was just another nut who wanted to become what the media glorifies: An avenging angel wielding righteous violence that comes when your enemy is not deemed wrong, but evil. The result? Milkshakes, mobs, masks, and mayhem. Punch a Nazi is now punch anyone. So, this guy didn't die for a cause. He died to impress a bunch of losers. He died hoping that CNN would say, “well, his heart was in the right place.” Who knows? Maybe they will.

When the press is only covering liberal overreactions to Trump tweets as opposed to attempted terror attacks, there needs to be an immediate realignment of priorities for the sake of the American people.