Valerie Plame's Husband: Jeb Plans to Kill or Torture All Arabs He Can Find

May 20th, 2015 9:08 PM

Jeb Bush: genocidal Arab killer and torturer. That was the portrait of the prospective Republican presidential candidate that Joe Wilson, husband of former CIA employee Valerie Plame, has painted.

Appearing on Chris Hayes's MSNBC show this evening, Wilson claimed that the "conclusion you come to," looking at his foreign policy advisers, is that Jeb's plan is "to kill all Arabs we find on the streets," and if we can't kill them, "to torture them."

JOE WILSON: What is Jeb Bush going to do what are the Republicans going to do, which Arabs are they going to kill this time? After having overthrown a Sunni regime in Baghdad, and essentially allied themselves now with the Shia militias supported by Iran, are they going to go out and kill more Sunnis, thinking that's going to help us? It was Sunni extremists, I remind people, who were responsible for 9/11. So are we just going to go and kill all Arabs that we find on the streets? And if we can't kill them, are we going to torture them? You have to take a look at Mr. Bush's foreign policy advisers, and that it seems to me is the conclusion you come to.