Hillary Campaign On Bill's 'Gotta Pay Our Bills': That's Him, We're Focused on Her

May 5th, 2015 3:16 PM

Hillary's campaign didn't outright hurl Bill under the bus. Even so, the former prez might be feeling a bit too close for comfort to the grimy side of a Greyhound.

Asked by Andrea Mitchell today to comment on footage of poor ol' Bill saying he would continue to give paid speeches because he's "gotta pay our bills," senior Hillary campaign official Amanda Renteria said "that's President Clinton. We are focused on her." Whatever happened to "two for the price of one?"

Conventional MSM wisdom still portrays Bill as the World's Greatest Politician.  But after his gaffes during her 2008 campaign and now this, is it time for Hillary to put Bill on the way-back burner?

ANDREA MITCHELL:  Former President Clinton was speaking exclusively to Cynthia McFadden, my colleague, in Africa at a Clinton Foundation trip. And here's part of what he said about the reason for the continuing the speeches and for the money that has been coming into the foundation.

BILL CLINTON: I have turned down a lot of them. If I think there's something wrong with it, I don't take it and I do disclose who gave it to me so people can make up their own minds.

CYNTHIA MCFADDEN: She is now running for president. Will you continue to give speeches?

CLINTON: Oh, yeah, I gotta pay our bills.

MITCHELL: And that, of course is about the speeches, the paid speeches. How do you deal with all of these questions trailing the candidate and the campaign?

AMANDA RENTERIA: You know, that's President Clinton, and that's, you know, we are focused on her.