Tina Brown Treats Republicans Like Dogs: 'They Had Their Rabies Shots'

October 20th, 2014 9:48 AM

Tart-tongued Tina Brown is at it again. On today's Morning Joe, seeking to explain why Republicans are doing surprisingly well with women voters this year, Brown said: "they had their rabies shots."

Brown was responding to a Politico article reporting that President Obama is under water with women voters, and that this is spilling over into Senate races. In Colorado, for example, a poll shows Republican Cory Gardner leading Dem Mark Udall by nine points among women. And even Alison Lundergan Grimes [who may or may not have voted for Barack Obama], only leads among women by two.  Brown's ugly metaphor was her way of saying that Republicans have had better message discipline and have avoided the kind of "legitimate rape" gaffes that doomed candidates in previous cycles.

MANU RAJU: And in order to win on election day, Mark Udall really needs to drive up female voters. And that's a problem when the president is is under water.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Democrats need a big advantage from female voters. Look at this, Mika, in Alaska, you actually have the Democrat, Mark Begich, under water. 44% of women support him, 51% support the Republican, Dan Sullivan. And very surprising here, look at that, in Kentucky, Alison Lundergan Grimes --


SCARBOROUGH: -- really in a dead heat with Mitch McConnell with female voters.

BRZEZINSKI: Tina Brown, what do you think is behind these numbers? Especially with Manu saying that it's not that Republicans are gaining women, it's that they're losing any. I didn't know they had any.

SCARBOROUGH: They do now.

TINA BROWN: There's no doubt that this year, Republicans have been far more disciplined. So, they had their rabies shots, and they're --


BRWON: And they're not giving this kind of phony uterine attacks --

SCARBOROUGH: Nobody's trying to redefine rape, that's a good move.

BROWN: No "legitimate rape" talk this time. They've got themselves a little better discipline.