Telemundo Bemoans Border ‘Blockade’

July 29th, 2019 1:48 PM

Telemundo just happened to have a camera crew at the ready as Mexican National Guards detained a Guatemalan national at the border with the United States. Convenient coincidence, or an escalation of the network’s advocacy for open borders?

Watch as anchor José Díaz-Balart frames the report, which prominently featured a crying mother at the border so as to elicit sympathy from the audience:



JOSÉ DIAZ-BALART, SENIOR ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: Let me go, I’m begging you. A Guatemalan mother begs Mexican soldiers to allow her to cross over to the United States along with her young son. Her cries are symbolic of the drama that thousands of migrants endure, (as a result of) the hardening of border controls. Good afternoon. In the past month, Mexico decreased the flow of migrants across their territory by 36%. This blockade is increasing the desperation of those who leave everything in order to make it to the United States.

It wasn’t that long ago that Telemundo was viewed as the more responsible of the two major domestic Spanish-language networks. But on matters of immigraton, there is no distinction anymore- each network recklessly campaigns against anything that resembles an enforcement of the borders of the United States. In this case, Telemundo airs the pleas of a woman, along with her son, who is begging the Mexican National Guard to commit dereliction of duty, and allow her through to the United States. 

Here is your reminder in case you still wonder why these networks insist on pushing open-borders policies (hint: it’s in their best business interest to do so): 



JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR ANCHOR, UNIVISION: I think the future of Spanish-language media is assured for decades, simply, for a very simple reason: In spite of the fact that the majority of the growth within the Hispanic community is coming from people being born here, we still have one to two million immigrants, legally and illegally coming in every single year. Most of them speak Spanish. So, therefore, we have a market that is growing and growing.