Luis Gutierrez's Five Most Incendiary Moments on Spanish-Language TV News

December 30th, 2018 3:22 PM

1. Gutiérrez heading into retirement....

Gutiérrez heading into retirement....

Chicagoland Congressman Luis Gutiérrez has been a regular staple of Spanish-language TV news shows for three decades, but that era is about to come to a close as his retirement approaches. As the Spanish-language newscasts scramble to find their next congressional bombthrower, we at MRC Latino want to give Gutiérrez a proper send-off, and proffer a hearty good riddance.

Here are Luis Gutiérrez’ five most incendiary moments on Spanish-language media:

2. 5: Luis Gutierrez Smears the U.S. Military

JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR ANCHOR, UNIVISION: So, did three thousand people die in Puerto Rico, or did they not die, per the President?

U.S. REP. LUIS GUTIÉRREZ (D-IL): Jorge, I was there ten days after the hurricane. noon...gridlocked. In other words, if you were sick you couldn’t get to the hospital. Ah?

RAMOS: But is that President Trump’s fault?

GUTIÉRREZ: This is the most powerful country, the most sophisticated, with greater resources than anywhere else. Did you see the U.S. Army? The most powerful, the most sophisticated army? They never went in. Did you see the resources? We’re a year out.


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3. 4: That time when Gutierrez directed Univision's May Day coverage

CONGRESSMAN LUIS GUTIERREZ: On May 1st, I know where your camaras are going to be. I know what you are going to be talking about that Monday, May 1st. Because we've already organized, in 33 states, 44 distinct activities. On May 1st, don't make plans in José Andrés' restaurant, because it is going to be closed, as are many others. And we are going to demand justice throughout this community, saying 'No more' to fear, 'No more' to terror in our community. It's a day for us to say 'We're here, and we're not leaving' and we are going to raise our voice throughout this country.


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4. 3: Gutierrez warns kids not to cross the border

CONGRESSMAN LUIS GUTIÉRREZ (D-IL): The law is clear. The inmen...Jorge, 95% of those children will never resolve a relief for their immigration situation. They are all in process of deportation at this time, and even after their hearing before the Court, 95% of them will be ordered to be deported. That’s why I don’t want them to come. And I join all those who say, “Children- and parents, don’t send your children here because that will resolve absolutely nothing. First, the coyotes and human traffickers will abuse them, they will rape them, they will kill them, and at the end they will charge them very expensively- and in the end, who wins? Those who are in human trafficking because the children will eventually receive no help in terms of immigration.

MARIA ELENA SALINAS: We went by the ranches through which most of the undocumented cross. You can see why so many die along that way at Fanfurres, at McAllen, Texas.

JORGE RAMOS: Why? Why do they die?

SALINAS: Because they have to walk up to 35 miles to arrive at the road under terrible conditions. These are ranches with animals, snakes, the inclement weather, weariness, lack of water, and since there are checkpoints, they have to get off at a certain point and then walk or run. That’s how many die trying (to cross the border).

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5. 2: Gutierrez refused to compromise with GOP on DACA extension

CLAUDIA UCEDA, UNIVISION CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: A group of Republican senators filed a bill that seeks to extend DACA for three years, and increase border security, among other things- which Democrats do not support.

REP. LUIS GUTIÉRREZ: Don't even think about it. Nor is it something that should... we're not going to waste time discussing it (the Republican DACA compromise bill), and...because there's nothing there.

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6. 1: Gutierrez compared convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera to George Washington

CONGRESSMAN LUIS GUTIERREZ (D-IL): Like all the great leaders and heroes of the struggle for the fatherland and for their nation. That is where he will be placed. Look, if this were the war for the independence of the United States, of the 13 colonies, Oscar Lopez-Rivera, in the London newspapers, they would have said the same of him that they said of George Washington. Look, the struggle for independence is a struggle that every people has the right to and a responsbility, as Oscar has said, to do.

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