Univision News Anchor Calls for Trump's Defeat in 2020

February 28th, 2018 5:00 PM

Positioning himself as a leader of the 'resistance' movement opposed to the agenda of the Trump administration, Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos issued a clarion call for the defeat of President Trump "now or in 2020.”

Ramos made his latest direct, electioneering appeal in a Spanish-language promotional video on Univision that coincides with the release of his new book, Stranger, which he is currently peddling throughout the country.

JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: The real challenge, first, is to resist. To say no. And then beat Donald Trump, now or in 2020.

Interestingly, Ramos leaves out the anti-Trump electoral appeal in the English-language version of the promo. The English-language promo does, however, have a campaign-style flourish in which the crusading anchor declares that “at the end, we will prevail.”

JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: So the challenge is to resist, to say no, and to completely understand that at the end, we will prevail.

In his appeal, Ramos also declares: “I believe in an America that will be tolerant, inclusive, multicultural, multiracial” – all characteristics that he evidently believes the U.S. has lost with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

Perhaps as Ramos defines those terms, a country whose government acts to enforce its immigration laws, secure its borders and both names names and means business when it comes to the existential threat of radical Islamic terrorism suddenly cannot still consider itself “tolerant, inclusive, multicultural, multiracial.”

The opening salvos of Ramos’ 2018 and 2020 anti-Trump offensive were fired as he began a nationwide tour promoting Stranger. The book tour also coincides with a Time magazine column in which Univision’s senior anchorman makes several additional patently false statements, such as saying that the ‘Dreamers’ risk “deportation to a country they don’t even know.”

While DACA beneficiaries who arrived at an early age may have no memories or have lost their sense of connection to their homelands, it simply isn’t credible to say the same of those who came to the U.S. after, say, eight or nine years old.

In his Time column, Ramos also endorses the illusory idea that DACA beneficiaries are correct in “threatening the (U.S.) political class: If you don’t do what we tell you to do, we’ll get rid of you in the next election.” As non-citizens and therefore by definition non-voters, DACA beneficiaries are not in a position to vote anyone in or out of the United States Congress.

Ramos goes on to call the ‘Dreamers’ the “new political leaders of the Latino community”, which is a further slap in the face to thousands of non-‘Dreamer’ Latinos who actually do exercise considerable political leadership throughout the country.

In another stretch, Ramos also hails the ‘Dreamers’ as part of a “new civil rights movement in the United States.” This would be the first “civil rights” movement involving non-citizens who are otherwise unlawfully present in the United States. The Univision anchorman’s stated wish for a United States “in which nobody is illegal, regardless of the papers you may or may not carry in your wallet” is tantamount to a wish that all the country’s immigration laws and controls be completely annulled.

So it is that binational citizen Jorge Ramos’ early framing of the 2018 and 2020 U.S. elections now takes shape. The American people will have the final say at the polls.