Telemundo Anchor: Save The Planet, Eat The Bugs!

January 25th, 2023 6:41 PM

UPDATE: Telemundo doubled down on their bug-eating advocacies during last night's prime time newscast.

Looking for a good source of energy, fat, protein or fiber while helping save the Planet? Eat bugs! That was the on-air advice offered to viewers of Telemundo's midday news edition today by confessed bug eater Nacho Lozano.

While it is perfectly understandable that the Mexico City-born anchor is a “fan of insects… with a tortilla and a bit of salsa” (bugs are a traditional food in Mexico, after all), in this case, the plug was clearly meant to normalize eating “insects fit for human consumption” and “rich in micronutrients”, as pushed by the European Union, Bill Gates and the WEF among others, in the name of “helping preserve the environment.”



NACHO LOZANO, TELEMUNDO: The European Union is allowing two new insects fit for human consumption to go on sale between yesterday and today. They will come in the form of flour made in part with domestic crickets and meal larvae. Oh, that took them a very long time. Pre-Hispanic cultures already included these in the human diet. Well. Insects are a delicacy in many restaurants around the planet, because they have a high nutritional value and provide micronutrients that are necessary for our bodies- as pre-Hispanic cultures already knew. They are also a good source of energy, fat, protein or fiber, and best of all, they help preserve the environment. And I am a fan of insects… with a tortilla and a bit of salsa. Well. What can I say?

While bug-loving Lozano tried to sell an insect-based diet as healthy and yummy, the call to do what pre-Hispanics did fell right in place with Telemundo´s on-going climate crisis fear porn, regularly pushed by fellow anchor and activist Vanessa Hauc in the network´s Planeta Tierra (Planet Earth).

Amazingly, and regardless of how repugnant the above mentioned segment was, it pales compared to the hefty serving offered at Telemundo´s 5:00 pm news edition. Watch correspondent Raul Torres´ segment that goes on to pit critters against Angus.

RAUL TORRES: Experts say that in addition to their high protein content, the consumption of insects will be crucial against the climate emergency. Compared to beef production, (insects) consume very little water.

IRAD SANTACRUZ, PRE HISPANIC FOOD RESEARCHER: Those 100 grams of (grasshoppers) consume just 0.01 ml of water, compared to 100 grams of beef, which consumer some 20 to 30 liters of water…

TORRES: Besides, insects take up little space. Cows take up a lot, and they pollute with gases. But the main thing is that (insects) are exquisite. Mirelle prepared a (grasshoppers) quesadilla, same as the ancient Mexicans. To many, this is the food of the future- which is in the past of many peoples such as the Mexicans. That´s why we put some hot salsa on it, and let´s eat. 

So: are we ready to “tequilize” worms, ants, scorpions, ant cockroaches, scorpions, Madagascar cockroaches and even tarantulas with a splash of lemon and a dash of salt? Thanks but no thanks. At least for this humble analyst that loves her Porterhouse steak medium-rare.

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