Telemundo Turns Wearing the Mask into a Political Symbol

May 28th, 2020 4:55 PM

Telemundo was unmasked --- pun intended --- while unmasking the reason behind its all-out advocacy for the use of masks, and it has little to do with health. 

Watch as reporter Javier Vega confirms this new obfuscation with what has become a symbol --- and a political one at that --- of “what all Americans should be doing every day”, in a May 28 report on Un Nuevo Dia:



NICOLE SUAREZ: That's precisely why Dr. Anthony Fauci  insists on the importance of wearing masks.

JAVIER VEGA: And we are talking exactly about the highest authority in the fight against coronavirus in our country, who also insisted on using the mask not only for protecting ourselves, but out of respect for others. He says that every time he goes out on the street he puts on his mask and that while the mask won't protect him 100 percent from the virus, he says that he uses it as a symbol, as an example of what all Americans should be doing every day.

While the use of masks has an important, albeit debatable role in the prevention of coronavirus, it has become, as reporter Javier Vega confirmed, a “piece de résistance” --- or showpiece --- for the “Karens” and “Jacks” out there who impose themselves on others and take on the role of the uber enforcers of “order” in society.

In pushing for the use of a mask as a “symbol”, Telemundo tips the hat to their new darling, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), who also announced that he was “signing an Executive Order authorizing businesses to deny entry to those who do not wear masks or face-coverings. No mask --- No entry.” A bit late, perhaps, for the elderly who succumbed to the coronavirus at New York’s nursing homes and retirement facilities- which Cuomo deluged with COVID-19 patients.

Mark my words: for the next few days, these will be the talking points that will be parroted non-stop on Telemundo, and all of the liberal media, Hispanic and mainstream alike.