Are Football Fans More Republican? Watch as MRC Latino´s ‘Jokingly and Seriously’ Exposes This Bit of News

November 25th, 2019 11:36 AM

In its zest to twist factual news to fit the strategy of liberal media moguls behind the scenes at the news desks -Spanish-speaking networks included – a surprising angle came up regarding the standing ovation given to President Donald Trump and First Lady, Melania, at a college football game in Alabama.

As analyst Ray Cruz discusses in a recent episode of “Jokingly and Seriously for MRC Latino”, the media gave extensive coverage to the President being booed at Game Five of the World Series, at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

However, when the news was a standing ovation at a packed football game at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Alabama, it went mostly unreported (alternatively, the nets only aired the news of the Baby Trump balloon being slashed at a protest over Trump’s presence at the game). Some, however, did cover the cheering, and peppered their reports with a dose of conspiracy theory to justify the events.

Watch as Ray discusses the claim about this being a publicity stunt designed to garner support for the president, whereas he “went there (to Alabama) and it's because supposedly football fans are more Republican than anything else”:

RAY CRUZ, MRC LATINO: Well, we're recently living through times of applause and booing. All the press reported that Donald Trump had been booed in a World Series game. However, Donald Trump was applauded in a collegiate football game and no one reports anything.

The truth is that the media has resorted to splitting hairs with regard to that standing ovation. Look at how CNN is analyzing why Trump went there and it's because supposedly football fans are more Republican more than anything else, well, American football.

Every day is a good day for Trump-trashing at the liberal Hispanic media, and as this example shows, even a round of applause is a good to do so.