Estrella TV Is ‘All-In’ for Democrat Win in Mid-Terms

When it comes to baking in dubious, over-the-top editorial lines into the news, Los Angeles-based Spanish-language network Estrella TV consistently takes the cake.

The latest example took place in an Estrella report on the political panorama for this November’s mid-term elections. Anchor Adriana Yañez and correspondent Oscar Sosa both spouted clearly partisan talking points that sounded like they came straight from the DNC, including patently false characterizations about President Trump’s allegedly “low popularity.”



OSCAR SOSA, REPORTER, ESTRELLA NEWS: The Republicans' concern over the dark panorama that would await them in these elections is evident, due to factors like Donald Trump's low popularity, support for the National Rifle Association, and the indiscriminate hunting of undocumented people.

In point of fact, as a new BizPac Review report points out, President Trump’s popularity actually compares favorably to where previous incumbents like Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan stood at this same juncture in their presidencies.

Both Yañez and Sosa conveniently ignore factors that are favorable to Republicans going into the mid-terms, such as most Americans’ support for President Trump’s handling of the economy, as well as the latest “generic ballot” polling that indicates that Republicans are not as likely to lose control of the Congress as previously thought.

As to what Estrella calls “indiscriminate hunting of undocumented people” polls also indicate the Trump administration’s policy of enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books and efforts to reduce illegal immigration are also net pluses, not minuses, with American voters.

Below is the complete transcript of the above-referenced report, as aired during the June 6, 2018 edition of Noticias Estrella:

ADRIANA YAÑEZ, ANCHOR, NOTICIERO ESTRELLA: The mid-term elections have put Republicans between a rock and a hard place. Their alliance with Donald Trump could mean a painful defeat at the polls. Oscar Sosa has more.

OSCAR SOSA, REPORTER, NOTICIERO ESTRELLA: The mid-term elections have become a serious headache for Republicans, due to the strategy of Democrats at the polls. Key states like California could further tilt the balance in favor of the Democrats to regain control of Congress in November. And although the coin is still up in the air, Republicans’ worries are evident in the face of the dark panorama that would await them in these elections, due to factors like Donald Trump's low popularity, support for the National Rifle Association, and the indiscriminate hunting of undocumented people.

MITCH MCCONNELL, SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: … and where do we go from here…

SOSA: Faced with this situation, the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, decided to cancel the congressional recess scheduled for August and approve at a marathon pace most of the bills being pushed by the White House and the party, taking advantage of the fact that they still possess a majority in Congress.English translation. According to analysts, McConnell's strategy is to protect as much as possible the interests of the Republicans before the Democrats get what they want and reverse everything they have achieved so far. English translation. Democrats need to win twenty-four additional seats in the House of Representatives to regain control of Congress, and it’s a possible mission since most Americans do not approve of the Republican’s performance and their alliance with Donald Trump. Oscar Sosa, Noticiero Estrella TV.

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