New Liberal Media Darling: Illegal Alien Appointed to California Govt. Post

March 21st, 2018 12:28 PM

Univision has once again outdone itself in the race for an award for completely one-sided, liberal-biased reporting with its celebratory story about the appointment of unauthorized immigrant Lizbeth Mateo to a California state government job.

Leaving out any mention whatsoever of the multiple arguments made by opponents of the highly controversial move, correspondent Dulce Castellanos reported Mateo’s appointment by California State Senate President (and aspiring U.S. Senator) Kevin de León as “a historic step in favor of the immigrant community.”

The community to which Castellanos refers is certainly not the one made up of tens of millions of lawful immigrants to the U.S. who honor and respect the laws of the land.

Lizbeth Mateo, the latest liberal media darling, is now a California state government employee despite even having been found ineligible for the DACA program.

In fact, after illegally entering the U.S. at age 14 (the deceptive ‘Dreamer’ catchphrase that the U.S. is ‘the only country they have ever known’ clearly does not apply at such ages) Mateo openly defied U.S. immigration law once again in 2013 when she returned to Mexico and subsequently once again re-entered the country.

Yet, as Univision emphasized in its feature story, Mateo is now projecting herself as a model for other immigrants and other states to follow, while being hailed, in the words of California State Senate President Kevin de León, as the very embodiment "of the values of California and the American Dream.”



LIZBETH MATEO, CALIFORNIA STATE SENATE EMPLOYEE: That it be something that the rest of the immigrants, the rest of the states see as an example to follow. It is an honor and we know there are many other things that we can do.

PRESIDENT TRUMP O/C: This is what it was in the 1990's…

DULCE CASTELLANOS, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The day after President Trump's visit to the border to supervise the wall prototypes, California took another historic step in favor of the immigrant community. State Senate leader Kevin de León, who administered Lizbeth´s oath of office as a lawyer in 2016, this time designated her to the state committee.

KEVIN DE LEÓN, STATE SENATE PRESIDENT: While President Donald Trump insists in his border wall, California continues to concentrate in opportunities for students. She embodies the values of California and the American Dream.

Throughout the United States, tens of millions of detractors of Mateo and de León strongly challenge the idea of current California policies and actions being “an example to follow” or Mateo as the embodiment of “the American Dream.”

California State Assemblyman Travis Allen, a Republican from Huntington Beach, for example, called Mateo’s appointment “an insult to every California citizen and legal resident." "The California Democratic Party now prioritizes illegal immigrants over California citizens," Allen added.