Despite GOP Debate Nod, Univision’s Claim to Represent the Hispanic Community Remains IIlegitimate

September 27th, 2023 2:26 PM

The worst part of the GOP’s inexplicable decision to invite Univision to co-moderate tonight’s presidential primary debate at the Reagan Library is that it validates Univision’s claim to represent the Hispanic community, when they very clearly do not.

Watch as anchor and debate co-moderator Ilia Calderón claims that mantle in the network’s ad promoting the debate:

ILIA CALDERÓN: They all want to make it to the White House. But only one will be the Republican candidate for president. Their next trial by fire will be here, on Univision. What can they offer the Hispanic community? And what are their proposals on the economy, healthcare, and immigration? I will ask then YOUR questions, and you will have the tools to decide your destiny.

Expect Calderón to ask questions on immigration, gun control, and other items from the leftwing policy pupu platter. Just keep in mind that Univision has no mandate from Heaven with which to speak on behalf of the Hispanic community, inasmuch as there is such a singular thing. In fact, polling suggests quite the opposite.

A March 2022 poll conducted by Florida International University shows that only 31% of Hispanics trust corporate media. Couple that with a Bienvenido/WPA Intel poll from October of 2022 showing that the most disinformed demographic are those who rely the most on Spanish-language news media, and you get the picture.

Furthermore, Univision recently rehired the former President of News who oversaw the network’s descent into a Democrat talking points regurgitator. Per Media Moves, Daniel Coronell’s first act is to consolidate control over affiliate news and bring them more in line with the national news desk: 

In an internal communication, staffers were told that effective immediately, all news programming across the organization will be consolidated under Coronell, adding the “strategic decision aligns editorial content between network news and local stations.”

The consolidation, the company says, will “foster tighter editorial alignment… centralize our operational capabilities and enhance the cross-promotion of news content.”

As part of the change, the company will establish a new, as-yet-untitled position for a “unified function lead” to whom local news directors will report. This lead will be answer to Coronell.

Watch, now, for local Univision affiliates to suppress the kinds of stories that you don’t see on the national newscasts, such as the ongoing parental rights battles in places such as Southern California. This does not represent the Hispanic community, but suppresses it.

Whatever claims the network may have to speak for the Hispanic community are illegitimate. Those both on the debate stage and covering it would be well served to remember that.