Latino Media Cheer Biden Push To Make 'Latino' A Race In 2030 Census

February 5th, 2023 2:40 PM

Spanish-language media predictably laud the Biden Administration’s misguided efforts to make “Hispanic” and “Latino” official race designations for the 2030 Census and other government documents.

As NBC News reports: 

The Biden administration is proposing to allow people to check off Hispanic or Latino as their race, as well as their ethnicity.

The administration has been reviewing its more than quarter-century-old definitions of race and ethnicity and is proposing to combine two questions about race and ethnicity into one on the census and in other government data collection.

The report then cites the desire to eliminate “confusion” as its underlying rationale for the change:

Evidence suggests the current two-part question confuses many people who see race and ethnicity as similar, according to the group of experts studying the federal government's 1997 race and ethnicity standards.

Currently, a two-part question asks whether a person is Hispanic or Latino and then asks their race, which does not include Hispanic or Latino.

A large and growing share of Latinos have reported either no race or chose some other race on the decennial census and the American Community Survey. Research has shown that combining the question reduces confusion and decreases the "some other race" response, according to the proposal.

As you’ll see below, the “confusion” narrative was then cheerfully parroted across Spanish-language media- as exemplified by Telemundo’s Nicole Suárez (1/27/2023):

NICOLE SUAREZ, TELEMUNDO: Do you ever get confused when filling out a form and they ask about race and there isn't a box that says "Hispanic" or "Latino"? 

CO-HOSTS: All the time. Yes...yes.

SUAREZ: Well. That could change in an official government document, so let's go to the news.

SUAREZ: The Biden Administration is proposing changes in the 2030 Census, as well as in other official documents, which will allow "Hispanic" or "Latino" to be defined as a race. Those modifications, if approved, would address a problem that many people have when responding to the question on race. "Hispanic" or "Latino" is not currently included as a response option. These categories are currently only recognized as an ethnicity.

Of course, there is no such thing as a “Hispanic” or “Latino” race. Successful implementation of this rule change would be the crown jewel in the left’s ongoing effort to turn this ethnic group, composed of millions of individuals of multiple races, religions, languages, national and indigenous origins, into a singular artificial race for purposes of political organization. 

As the left twists notions of gender in furtherance of its sexual agenda, so now does it pervert the idea of race. 

Serious news organizations, especially those who claim to be advocates for the Hispanic community, would openly question such an idea. Instead, we get propaganda arms of the Biden Administration parroting the idea that Hispanics (or Latinos, if you prefer) lack literacy skills and/or reading comprehension, thus rendering them easily confused and unable to read through two basic census questions. It bears noting that this kind of bigotry, when uttered by non-Hispanics, usually warrants a minimum of three minutes on the A-block of a prime-time evening newscast. 

The ongoing effort to shove persons of multiple racial, national, indigenous and cultural origins into a single “brown box” on the basis of language continues apace. The Great Latinx War was just a warm-up.