Univision Now Promoting Classes on How to Swim Across the Rio Grande

April 17th, 2022 8:50 PM

Univision's immigration advocacy has reached the point to where the network's news division now promotes a swimming instructor that is training potential migrants on how to swim across the Rio Grande.

Watch as Univision's Edicion Digital midday newscast further promotes illegal immigration into the United States:



BORJA VOCES: We now go live to Mario Veneiro, the swim coach for Club Mantarrayas (Club Stingray),   who teaches his countrymen that are set to migrate, free of charge. Are there really a lot of people taking this course? Is there a waitlist? Are there more men or women? Tell me a bit about what types of people take these courses.

MARIO VENEIRO: There's really all types of people...teenagers, adults, and each day more are added.

CAROLINA SARASSA: I ask you, Mario: Obviously, when people see the Rio Grande it looks very calm, still waters- like a pool. However, there are many currents which are very dangerous. What do you do so that your pool has turbulent waters like those of the Rio Grande and that people truly learn to swim against the current?

VENEIRO: We made a tunnel with some lanes inside the pool, and we placed 10 people with boards on each side and we created turbulence (by) splashing water on the person going over the channel.

SARASSA: Mario Veneiro, live from Nicaragua on Edicion Digital. It's good that you're telling us about this course, which has gone viral. Fathers, mothers, children who are thinking about coming to the United States and facing those very dangerous waters of (the Rio Grande). Thank you very much.

As record numbers of migrants continue to surge across the border and with more on the way as Title 42 winds down, Univision now sees fit to promote swimming classes.

Swimming classes!

The southern border was already dangerous enough without Univision having to promote swimming across the more treacherous parts of the Rio Grande. 

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