Biden Inaugural Special Celebrates America With Songs of...Booty

January 22nd, 2021 9:07 PM

Folks who tuned into the celebrity-studded Biden inaugural special got an earful more than they bargained for, thanks to Team Biden’s fundamental misunderstanding of the Hispanic community.  

Please join the Biden inaugural committee in celebrating America’s new era of unity and national healing, with a song about...booty:



The booty’s hanging out your dress

Not wearing panties so ya boy don’t have to work

It’s that I know what she thinks she knows

She says that she don’t want it 

But she’s got me on surveillance

Latin reggaeton star Ozuna isn’t really to blame here- “Taki Taki” is what it is. The onus is on the Biden inaugural committee that thought that a highly sexualized reggaeton hit would leave Hispanics in awe, and thankful for the performance.  One wonders what Biden's female voters might think of these booking decisions.

But within the context of the seriousness of a presidential inaugural, this booking lands with a dull thud and reeks of Hispandering- not unlike the time that Biden went to Florida and whipped out his cell phone, vibing to “Despacito” (another sexualized hit performed at the inaugural). 

Spanish-language media already is already laser-focused on immigration reform, and will tout these gross cultural overreaches as positive engagement of the Hispanic community. These are going to be four really long years, aren't they?