Univision Misrepresents, Hides Mayhem At Seattle's CHAZ From Viewers

June 11th, 2020 9:36 PM

The nation’s largest Spanish-media news outlet engaged today in an amazing bit of sleight of hand and sophistry, aimed at shielding its viewers from discovering both the extent of the mayhem occurring at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ for short) and the existence of organized far-left violence.

Below are segments from this morning’s edition of Despierta América and Univision’s noon Edición Digital newscast. Watch as the network downplays the violence currently underway in the Emerald State:



SATCHA PRETTO: And (we) rule out the probability of a second COVID-19 outbreak, aggravated by mass protests against racism and police brutality. Instead of working towards peace, President Trump threatens to repress protests in Washington state, and labels participants as “domestic terrorists”. In Seattle, protesters painted a “Black Lives Matter” sign right on the street.

BORJA VOCES: President Trump threatens via Twitter to take back the city of Seattle if state officials fail to do so. The president asks the governor and mayor to immediately take back the Capitol, as well as the buildings of City Hall. And that if they don’t do so, he will. This is in reference, as you can see in these images, to the Seattle protesters that have gathered at the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.


In the first part of the video above, Despierta América anchor Satcha Pretto pulled off the trifecta of tying a pivot back to coronavirus panic porn with the ongoing protests, casting Seattle CHAZ occupants as real protesters in order to defend them from President Donald Trump, and went through a segment without offering any reporting whatsoever on the volatile situation at CHAZ. All in less than 30 seconds, and while introducing a report by D.C. correspondent Claudia Ucesa that had nothing to do with what was happening at Seattle. A few hours later, Borja Voces would do the same.

Some news outlets have reported incidents of violence and extortion at the Autonomous Zone, but this did not make it into Univision’s reporting, which conveniently made the Seattle story into an angle with which to dunk on President Trump. 

Lest any doubt remained: the most liberal media outlet in all the land is not CNN or MSNBC, but Univision; and the Spanish-speaking domestic market continues to cry out for an alternative.