Entravision Continues To Carry Planned Parenthood's Water

August 29th, 2019 5:08 PM

Once again Entravision, the nation’s largest Univision affiliate group, is going to bat for Planned Parenthood; this time, over the abortion behemoth’s decision to forego federal funding rather than comply with changes made by the Trump Administration to Title X. 

Watch as Tsi-Tsi-Ki Félix, host of Entravision’s Sunday political affairs show Politica Ya frames the Title X rule change in a way most favorable to Planned Parenthood:



Listen to this figure. Nearly a million and a half Latino patients, most of whom are women, could lose their reproductive health care services, in addition to others, because the 400 Planned Parenthood clinics that serve 4 million patients will withdraw from a federal program. This program is called Title X- so as not to comply with a rule imposed by the Trump Administration.

This isn’t the first time we’ve noted Entravision’s special bias towards Planned Parenthood and general championing of abortion. In a previous analysis, we closed with the question:

It bears asking: is Entravision’s Politica Ya a definite no-go zone for pro-life voices that could otherwise come in and make their case to the community?

Based on what we’ve seen here, that would be a resounding yes. 

Félix’ guest was, unsurprisingly, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. The conversation, which again was more suited to a Planned Parenthood conference panel than a nationally-syndicated political affairs talk show was laughably one-sided and centered around the potential loss of funding as a result of these cruel rule changes.

Since no pro-life voices are featured, no one was present to point out the fact that the federal government allocates close to $600 million a year to Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, no one was there to point out that Planned Parenthood could very easily cover their Title X shortfall by diverting monies destined to political campaigns...that is, if they're so concerned about Latinas being left without "services".

All in all, this segment on this particular program prove that, as far as Spanish-language news media is concerned: if you’re going to insist on talking to yourselves, you’re really not talking to the community you claim to champion.