Spanish Nets Silent On FALN Terrorist's Cuba Trip

January 20th, 2018 12:31 AM

As the sun set on Barack Obama's presidency a little over a year ago, the nation's leading Spanish-language networks breathlessly announced his commutation of convicted FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera's federal prison sentence. However, we've heard very little regarding his activities since securing his freedom.

After the flap over the New York City Puerto Rican Parade's decision to confer "National Freedom Hero" status upon López Rivera, the convicted FALN terrorist decided to travel abroad in search of Marxist kindred spirits. None of those travels were covered by our domestic Spanish-language media - least of all Univision, which is most responsible for attempting to portray the unrepentant Marxist as something he is not.

Here's a short clip from López-Rivera while in Cuba, visiting Fidel Castro's tomb:

VOICE-OVER ANNOUNCER: More than 600,000 Cubans have walked by this stone tomb that have held the ashes of the Commander in Chief for almost a year. Fidel, according to López Rivera, always illuminated him in the darkness.

OSCAR LOPEZ RIVERA, CONVICTED FALN TERRORIST: May he give me the strength to keep on fighting. May he give me the inspiration that he has always been, that he keep inspiring me, that he keep giving me continuity to think and emulate his example until the last breath.

These remarks in support of exporting the failed ideology of the Cuban Revolution occurred a few short weeks before López Rivera also issued his demand that American aid workers leave Pueto Rico. 

You would think that López Rivera's actions might warrant coverage from the leading domestic Spanish-language networks - especially Univision, given the time and ink which the network has devoted to the convicted FALN terrorist. 

It isn't whether or not they know. They know, and simply opted not to care.