Azteca America Serves Up Wild Biases, Trashes Trump on Immigration

August 9th, 2017 10:31 AM

It is only natural that MRC Latino’s coverage of bias in Spanish-language news be directly proportional to market share - and centered, therefore, mostly on Univision and Telemundo. But as this wild clip below shows us, it is actually Azteca América that is the most consistently insane in its over-the-top bias.

Witness how Azteca América covers the RAISE Act, which seeks to restore order to our Nation’s broken immigration system:



ARMANDO GUZMAN, WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT, AZTECA AMERICA: Trump and the two senators with an anti-immigrant record with whom he appeared today, do not appear to be interested in stopping that immigration, but rather, the one that, in their opinion, has changed the face of the United States, and has latinized it. In Washington, Armando Guzmán, Azteca News. One imagines that Azteca América says what Univision would if it were drunk.

What we have here is a case study in total and complete bias gone rampant, without any filter or sense of editorial controls in place. In fact, one shudders at the thought that this is the final product after all editorial checks and balances were applied.

This 20-second snippet is bursting with anti-immigrant smears, charges of stopping immigration outright, and accusations of wanting to bar Hispanics from entering the country. One would think that this was an editorial segment but it is, in fact, a report filed by the network's veteran Washington correspondent.

Azteca doesn’t bother with the subtleties of the rest of the media, going straight for the jugular by insinuating that the RAISE Act is a form of retaliation against the immigrants that “latinized” America.

Far from the truth, this statement is proof evident that our domestic Spanish-language media will regard any effort to restore control to our broken immigration system as an existential threat. It was the genre’s most revered anchor, after all, that exposed the immigration status quo’s centrality to the institutional business model.