Univision Continues Smearing Lawful Gun Owners With Propaganda

When only one side of a controversial public policy issue is presented, you know you're watching propaganda, not news. This is exactly what Univision pushes out, as part of its ongoing effort to smear lawful gun owners.

Here is how anchor Enrique Acevedo characterized last week's "NRA to DOJ March" on Univision's late-night national news.

ENRIQUE ACEVEDO, NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Defying high temperatures over there at the nation's capital, in Washington, hundreds of protesters marched from the headquarters of the National Rifle Association to the Department of Justice, in order to protest against the violence linked to the use of firearms. Organized by the same activists that convened the Women's March at the beginning of this year, the protesters emphasized that those who support the sale of firearms incite violence against persons of color, women, and political activists, they said.

The next day's newscast was even more brazen in its propaganda, as anchor Arantxa Loizaga took the smear several steps further.

ARANTXA LOIZAGA, NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Activists in support of gun control protested today outside the Department of Justice, one day after a march with a similar purpose was held in Washington. According to organizers, the National Rifle Association promotes violence - above all - against persons of color, women, and political activists. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2014 alone, over 33,000 persons throughout the country lost their lives because of guns.

One is first drawn to the blatant, obvious, and almost gleeful parrotting of the talking points put forth by these mysterious, unnamed organizers, with no room for perspective from defenders of the Second Amendment or response from the NRA. 

It is unclear whether Univision omitted any mention of the Women's March because one of its leaders has expressed support for Sharia law and called for jihad, or because the Women's March recently celebrated fugitive cop killer Joanne Chesimard. Either of these inconvenient facts would be tough to explain to Univision's audience, so the network simply chose not to do so. 

Loizaga went above and beyond the Women's March by citing the discredited "gun violence" figures most frequently parroted by Everytown, which arrives at its 33,000 number by lumping instances of suicide and defensive gun use together with violent crimes. Here again, Univision parrots anti-gun propaganda by failing to disclose its association with the Bloomberg front group. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Univision's repeated assaults on private gun ownership squarely place the network on the same historic parallel as Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro. If you have to parrot the propaganda of organizations that worship cop killers in order to make your case, please stop calling yourself a news organization.

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