Hypocrisy: Fusion Slams A&E For Doing What Fusion Did Two Months Ago

A&E is set to air an eight-part series in January titled Generation KKK. Fusion has something to say about this, but their protestations are likely to fall on deaf ears.

From Fusion's piece, subtly titled: A&E is doing a show about the KKK and people are furious:

The normalization of white supremacist groups and the hatred they spout is well underway, and it seems equally predictable and horrifying that the network would want to lean into that, given the hate group’s legacy of murdering and terrorizing black people. Of course, A&E doesn’t see it that way. The network’s general manager Rob Sharenow told the New York Times, “We certainly didn’t want the show to be seen as a platform for the views of the KKK…The only political agenda is that we really do stand against hate.”

On the one hand, we can easily agree that normalization of such groups as the Klan is never a good thing. On the other- from whence does Fusion derive any standing to criticize another network for doing the same thing they did themselves just two months ago?

I'm old enough to remember way back in mid-October, when Jorge Ramos capped off his preening coverage of the 2016 campaign with the release of Hate Rising, a documentary that intended to chronicle...wait for it...the rise of hate groups within the United States. 

Both Hate Rising and the network's GOTV rally-concert RiseUp As One were done in the name of standing up to hate, or were they? It seems that Univision's Weak Sister was perfectly fine with normalizing hate if it was in line with the network's broader agenda of helping elect HIllary Clinton to the presidency of the United States. No one batted an eye when Jorge Ramos aided and abetted the normalization of hate by going out into the boondocks, finding and joining (almost literally) handfuls of attendees at a Klan rally.  

This bit of irony might be lost on Fusion's tens of viewers, even if the rest of see through the channel's flaming hypocrisy. 

Physicians, heal thyselves.

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