Univision Newscast Pushes for Abortion On Demand

Much of our coverage of Univision News focuses on the network's relentless advocacy for the virtual dissolution of the U.S. border, but we are also constantly reminded that there are other items that are central to the network's institutional agenda.

Case in point, this recent segment of a story on the potential effects of the Zika virus throughout the Americas:

SALVADOR CASTELLANOS, REPORTER: Some would like to have the option of obtaining a therapeutic abortion, but in El Salvador the voluntary termination of a pregnancy is punished with years in prison.

IMA GUIROLA, CEMUJER: A law that absolutely punishes and totally persecutes women.

Some countries, such as El Salvador, have advised women to postpone pregnancy until 2018 at the earliest, due to potential birth defects resulting from exposure to the virus. Voluntary abortion is currently illegal in El Salvador and is punishable by prison. This is the context within which the story, and the video above, is framed.

Since pregnant Zika patients incur a high risk of delivering a baby with birth defects such as microcephaly, it is important to note that the "therapeutic abortion" being pitched here is really unrestrained late-term abortion. The location may vary, but the evil being pitched here is the same as was once promoted by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger so many years ago, and Univision - which in 2014 received an award from Planned Parenthood - is a willing accomplice.

Needless to say, in its report Univision did not bother with airing the pro-life perspective, much less give any consideration to the intrinsic value of every precious human life. This is not the first time that Univision gives open tribune to the abortion lobby, either- whether in the United States or abroad.

Not mentioned at all in the story: DDT, which is odd given that Zika is a mosquito-borne virus. If only we aborted the mosquitoes with the same vigor with which some seek to abort humans, or pitch abortion as part of the agenda that "makes Hispanics better and promotes a more inclusive country." 

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