Radical ‘Half Planet’ Environmental Agenda Floated on Fusion

March 22nd, 2016 9:51 AM

A proposal that calls for barring humans from half of the Earth’s land mass has actually received serious consideration from Fusion, the Univision-backed television network aimed at the millennial generation.

The way Fusion’s editor for environmental coverage frames it, the proposal might just be the answer to all our problems. Possibly saving all mankind as we know it.

It’s just the latest example of Fusion going full extreme, brazenly promoting the environmental movement’s most radical agenda.

Specifically, Fusion’s Ari Phillips laments that humans have developed to the point where our existence “dominates” over plant and wildlife, and basically signals that if we fail to embrace this plan, well then, half of the species will be lost forever in a few generations.

Phillips is clearly out to spearhead the mainstreaming of the project, which seeks to turn public opinion against human well-being that stems from economic development, property rights and global innovation.  

The literally outlandish proposal is a reminder of just what is driving the most radical elements of an environmentalist movement that values preserving nature in its wild state above practically anything else.

From there it’s not far to the ideology of eco-terrorism and groups such as the Gaia Liberation Front, which declares that its “mission is the total liberation of the Earth, which can be accomplished only through the extinction of Humans as a species."

Ignoring the fact that 33 percent of Earth’s surface land is desert (most of it uninhabitable), somebody should point out to Phillips that the United States Government already owns nearly one third of the nation’s lands. In fact, the Federal Government owns more than half of the land mass of Utah, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. But hey, if this much land is not enough, we propose the entire jurisdiction of the District of Colombia be returned to the wild.

Below are excerpts from the March 17, 2016 Fusion article “Half the Planet, Not For Us: If humanity can’t become one with the Earth, maybe it can give up half”

ARI PHILLIPS, SENIOR EDITOR, FUSION: The planet is not what it once was for plants and animals. For millions of years, Earth belonged entirely to them (and fungi and bacteria, of course). Then humans evolved out of the pack, forever separating us and them.

Now our dominance, which continues to expand through population growth and natural resource demand, has made it so only around 15% of the planet is set aside specifically for nature in reserves, parks, and other protected areas. But what if we raised that percentage to something more fair and balanced? A more justifiable number and equal number. What if we set aside half the Earth’s surface for nonhuman life?

ARI PHILLIPS, SENIOR EDITOR, FUSION (REFERING TO HALF EARTH PROPONENT E.O WILSON): If something drastic of this proportion isn’t done soon, Wilson asserts, more than half the species on the planet could be lost within a few generations. Not only is this existentially traumatic, but it would have wide-ranging negative implications for humankind.

Wilson, an entomologist by trade with an expertise in ants, makes his boldest statement yet about how humans and other creatures can coexist successfully. At the same time it is an extremely simple concept to grasp: half the planet, not for us.