Liberal 'Wait Wait' Listeners Blast NPR for Hosting Kim Kardashian

June 15th, 2015 2:54 PM

On Saturday, NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! brought on Kim Kardashian to play “Not my job” but the show’s liberal audience blasted NPR for inviting the reality TV star onto public radio and supposedly ruining their airwaves. 

Following Kardashian’s appearance, the NPR website was inundated with negative comments from dozens of liberal listeners for her appearance and for giving her a platform to promote her book about selfies. 

Kardashian got quizzed on Kim Jung Un and was asked to play a game called “Keeping up with the Jim Jong Kardashian’s” but the show’s guest host Mike Pesca and three panelists spent several minutes prior to the game giving the reality show star ideas for her baby's name as well as some of the “deeper philosophical questions” behind her book “Selfish.” 

Most of the comments directed at Kardashian were fairly negative with many of them insisting they listen to NPR to “AVOID this crap” and “For the love of ALL ThAT IS SACRED, can we have one freaking news source that does not cater to or obsess over these tragic publicity hounds? Please? Seriously.” 

Another commentator wrote “Wait, wait...Don't tell me that Kim Kardashian has invaded the NPR air waves!! SO disappointed! NPR is my sanctuary and now it has been sullied by the vapid KK. Please, keep the bar high NPR, even if it is just a game show.” 

Given the North Korean theme of Kardashian’s appearance, another commentator asked if she could even “find Korea on a map?” Another joked that “first, you will have to explain what a map is to her” and how Kardashian “makes me question the theory of evolution.” 

With NPR’s audience clearly seeing itself as intellectual and unwilling to succumb to the temptations of pop culture, it is quite amusing to see the intolerant left lash out at their supposed allies at NPR for bringing on Kardashian and subsequently failing miserably to appeal to them.