Even Chris Hayes Mocks New York Times Stories on Rubio; ‘False Flags’ Planted by Campaign

June 10th, 2015 8:57 AM

In the wake of the New York Times running multiple stories on Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, first on his accumulation of parking tickets and the second on his personal finances, MSNBC host Chris Hayes took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon and seemingly mocked the paper for its coverage of the Florida senator. 

The MSNBC host sent out a tweet and hinted that he was “[s]tarting to think Rubio has some plant in the NYT and these supposed “hit-jobs” on him are false flags made to make him look sympathetic.” 

Since the stories first appeared in the Times, many in the media have mocked the newspaper for publishing so-called exclusive pieces on Rubio. Far-left journalist Glenn Greenwald seemed to agree with Hayes and joked that the person in the campaign behind the Rubio stories "deserves a raise. I honesty didn’t think anything could make me want to defend “MARCO RUBIO.” 

Matt Yglesias of the liberal VOX website joined in on the mocking of the Times’ Rubio coverage and tweeted that he was “looking forward to an expose on times he [Rubio] missed votes in the FL legislature to spend time with his kids.”